8. Firewood Scammers, Cheaters, Tricks, Internet Ads


JANUARY 15th, 2015 UPDATE: 

I am pleased to announce that we are now an ACCREDITED BUSINESS under the Nova Scotia Better Business Bureau as well as an ACTIVE MEMBER under the Firewood Vendor's Association of Nova Scotia also found under Access Nova Scotia.

Please check out what consumers say about my business and way I do things under the Nova Scotia Better Business Bureau under Customer/Consumer Reviews

WOOD ISSUE UPDATE May 28th, 2015. This noted below is very important to read. And once you do, take heed and DO THE MATH!

After receiving several calls this week about companies; and in general, wood sellers, some registered with the Registry of Firewood Vendors in Halifax and surrounding areas, and then after a conversation with Measurement Canada referencing the same, I am appalled at the response on the matter. Classified as being sold as a 'UNIT', this so called practice is way less than a proper cord by MEASUREMENT CANADA STANDARDS and Measurement Canada informs me that this is LEGAL, even though it is not a proper cord based on a STACKED CORD of 128 cubic feet. When I look at this, I see TWO STANDARDS here and sadly, YOU, THE CONSUMER, you are the ones being SCREWED ONCE MORE by the way of Government. We need CONTROLS - not people being allowed to change the rules or say, 'it is legal as long as the customer is told it is a UNIT or some other wording letting them know it is NOT a PROPER CORD, all in all, being sold 'LEGALLY LESS' than a cord and in the process of that, not using the words 'CORD or STACKED CORD' What the hell is wrong with people? And here I thought Measurement Canada wanted to make this an even playing field.

Having ONCE AGAIN checked Measurement Canada's site on Firewood, the following ARE NOT CONSIDERED AS LEGAL MEASUREMENTS pertaining to FIREWOOD. (Short Cord, Face Cord, Thrown Cord, Processed Cord (for which a UNIT CORD TRULY IS coming in between 85 to maybe 100 cubic feet), apartment cord and other amounts not listed and are TOTALLY ILLEGAL MEASUREMENTS in CANADA. So, my question is, why suddenly is Measurement Canada in Nova Scotia allowing this? In my books, it is allowing others a path to SCREW the consumer. So, be on your toes, always insist on a 'PROPER STACKED CORD AMOUNT, and above all, get your calculator out and do the math before ordering short cords as 'UNITS' or any other method of description. Remember, a guaranteed cord is 128 cubic feet. On a $300.00 cord, based on 128 cubic feet, that literally works out at $2.43 a cubic foot. On a 'UNIT'  sold, that becomes anywhere from $3.17 to $3.52 per cubic feet. So, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DOUBLE STANDARDS and GOVERNMENT. 


This section is presently being aligned and worked on. Predicted completion is set for JANUARY 2015. ANY INFO STILL REMAINING IS INFO TO BE REDONE AND TRANSFERRED TO THE OTHER SITE. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.                                 


                 I Sell Tri-Maple Mix Hardwood cut & split @ $     .00 per cord.



In life there are NO easy solutions. We try counteracting this by making intelligent choices by, and based on the facts that we get proper and clear direction in our search for the proper answers. As for what is right, and for what is wrong for the Property Owner, it is he, or she, who should be the one that is in charge of making the correct decision in life as by what his, and her family needs are.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT section and ANYONE contemplating BUYING FIREWOOD should read and learn as much about the tactics and schemes below as possible before getting BURNED.


(1) Brief introduction of the section

(2) Dealing with the Worst of the Worst in Scammers
(3) 20 Scammers tricks on selling through the Internet and by Truck

Wood Scamming on selling firewood and wood deliveries, and how it began?

Where and how did the process begin? How did the term SCAMMER originate? Was it classified then, as the PROCESS OF SCAMMING, CHEATING and LYING? How did the term or 'measurement classification' or 'CORD' as we know it today come about? These are interesting questions. Sadly, we do not think about when making an effort to buy wood from honest sellers. So, let's see if we can clarify and add some interesting information to the site.

Going back to the first records of it that I could find, it all started in  the 17th Century. With another brief history lesson brought forward, we address the issue of scamming. Early on, sellers found out that selling wood as a 'GROUND LAYING or STANDARD CORD' was an easier method to sell wood. However, this did entail much work for the buyer. As an example, there were no power saws, no forest harvesters, no skidders or wood splitters unless they were of the manual persuasion. That is right.....human toil. That involved manual labour and the use of horses, oxen, in some cases trained work dogs, and close to the slave trade, if and when available. If not, many gathered together as they did years ago in 'Barn Raisings' to lighten the load. No matter, if there was a way, it was accomplished. 

As the wood sellers found out on a regular basis, people did not always want to do the work themselves. They already had too much to do trying to put food on the table and keeping clothes on their backs. Trading such things as eggs, poultry, farm animals for heat became an option. Money was tight, few and far between windfalls. The barter system became more acceptable. But for the seller, it still left him with products to sell if he wanted to get his money back for the investment he just traded away. If he didn't sell them, he was caught in the middle by not making the money he needed. Over the years, much of that has not changed. The bartering has disappeared. Sadly, it seems to have been replaced with the growing amount of Scammers, Cheaters and Liar's deals that we see posted from telephone poles to the Internet and wherever. Back then there were no regulations governing the selling of wood, the protection of the consumer, and today, three centuries later, there are still no regulations unless in the U.S.

However, in the process of the seller from the 17th century cutting and selling his goods, it was soon realized that processing the Ground Laying or Standard Cord of Wood whole, and based on 128 cubic feet, was not as profitable as it once was.  A proper cord measuring 4 feet wide by 4 feet high by 8 feet in length quickly calculated out to 128 cubic feet. It was soon realized that cutting it, splitting it and the piling of it ended up taking more wood to make that cut, split and piled cord that being the proper Standard Cord of 128 cubic feet. The buyer had realized this too and questioned it time after time since he was the one being both shorted and cheated out of his barter and in some cases, money. Understanding that it was more money in their pocket to sell it uncut, sales soon diminished when people began to look at the work involved and the wood that they were not getting when the task was complete. Not wanting to lose the sale of wood, the sellers quickly decided to cut it themselves and make the deliveries to keep their customers. Having said that, sellers soon realized that they were selling and giving more wood per cord than the actual Standard Cord generated after being processed. This to them was a short fall that would cost them dearly if they had to guarantee the cordage and be honest at the same time.

Their reaction to the issue was simple. There has to be other ways to keep from losing money in the Cord terminology. So...the answer arrived at was simple. Less and less wood was sold in the cord hoping that the early days; as well as the later consumers yet to come, would not be privy to the adjustment and the process of them skimping, or SCAMMING the UNSUSPECTING CONSUMER would not be readily noticed. False floors, crooked piling on their wagons were quickly adapted. Still, some of the buyers caught on to what was happening. So, the term WOOD  SCAMMING, AKA - FIREWOOD CHEATER and the FIREWOOD SCAMMER WAS INTRODUCED. No different than now, it went hand in hand with the Cheaters and Liars we have in the wood business today.

Sadly, not only does it still exist today, but only in larger proportions and many new schemes since people have learned that cutting and processing your own wood takes both time and does cost money. But what is worse, it is used more and in many different ways that will benefit the persons perpetrating the fraud because of the ignorance of the WANTING BUYERS who do not know the proper terminologies and definitions when it comes to buying wood. It is important both to remember and understand that 95% of the wood sold today that is sawed up, split and processed for delivery, is done on the basis of 'TOSSED or RANDOM LOADED VOLUME' as was in the 17th century. What this means is simple. It will take between 165 to 168 CUBIC FEET of 'LOOSE TOSSED or RANDOM LOADED VOLUME' to make a proper piled cord of 128 CUBIC FEET. To avoid being Scammed on cord count, do insist on it being piled on the truck in rows so that it can be measured before it is dumped. History told the early buyers that this was the only way to be assured of getting the proper amount of wood when it was ordered and delivered. This will give you the only, more accurate way to be assured you are getting the cordage count you pay for. However, this does not guarantee you quality wood. 

People have to understand that there are actually two scales to the cord if you look at the cord in the proper manner. One cord of unprocessed wood as it is cut in 8 foot, 12 foot or 16 foot lengths, which will measure at 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet in length to the UNPROCESSED CORD will truly measure at 128 cubic feet. If that count is a TRUE CORD, once you cut it, suddenly is IS NOT a TRUE CORD, but only 68% to 70% of a piled cord, or about 87% of the unprocessed TRUE CORD when piled. Once cut in EVEN PIECES at 16 inches per cut, this wood suddenly shrinks because of air spacing and air pocketing while piling.  Whether it was knot piled on the truck unprocessed or just poorly loaded, you must make sure of the count. If not, your percentage when cut will be even less than 87%. The early 17th century settlers learned this quickly as did the sellers. On staggered cuts, it benefits the SELLER and NOT THE BUYER. Also, uneven cut wood is very difficult to gauge and cord. The bottom line is simple - learn the difference in Cubic Foot Measurement both on loose unprocessed wood, and cut and split wood.

In the case of WOOD DELIVERIES, it is important to know and be aware of how much wood is in the delivery, and on the truck before it is dropped in your yard. The methods of determining this are outlined in this Website as is the terms loose cords and stacking. When you buy wood, it is important to know the seller and find out all about that person you can BEFORE SHARING your money with him or his business. Scammers count on you NOT KNOWING and being a TARGET while searching for that 'SO CALLED DEAL.' For the true WOOD SELLER who is honest and cares, you will not find deals. You should find GOOD WOOD and hopefully represented as it truly is; a bit more expensive, and a proper cord count that does make the difference on quality and volume. 

There are many tricks used in fooling people when it comes to wood and deliveries. One of the biggest of them in reference to scammers is always running another business down and the product he sells. This is the true SCAMMER and WOOD CHEATER at work. He will offer one deal after another, many different price formats under many different business names, and above all, not want to hear from you on your terms before or after you buy wood. Learn the scammer habits and protect yourself before it is too late, and you become the victim of the intended scammer. With the direction heading toward that piled cord that you HOPE you have purchased, the full measured cord again should be 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet, and if into metric, should measure at 1.21 by 1.21 by 2.43 meters. In the end, either way should be close to the same. Still, and even today, little is done on the metric scale when it comes to wood selling and buying. One lesson is never to buy wood based on weight advertised in any way. Weight is not considered as volume and cordage in the firewood terminologies.

This is a brief introductory to the type of information here that you will find. More of the info will be condensed and moved to site (number two) that will be dealing with Scammers, Cheaters and all of the reports, letters, inquiries that have been previously posted throughout this site in the past. Nonetheless, it will be my intention to help through warnings and what tricks are pulled from time to time to aid in preventing you from getting burned in the future. However, if you DO NOT plan or care to take precautions when and while buying wood, none of this will assist you in getting results and being protected. It is important to remember a few simple things when it comes to scammers. 
(1) They want to know you, but do not want you to know them.
(2)They will be leery on giving you ANY DIRECT information about them that is true and traceable.
(3) They will be on their best behaviour and tell you WHAT you want to hear until YOUR money is in their pocket.
(4) Their best friend is the lies and falsehoods that they have perfected.
(5) They will always have an excuse while hoping for your sympathy.
(6) They will operate under many names that are not registered an legal operating names as under the Guidelines of the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks.
(7) They will sometimes give receipts, but will not have the same contact info on them as was made on the original contacts.
(8) On the ones that don't give receipts, they will offer special deals for CASH.
(9) They will trick you on loading procedures with false floors, compartments, corner blocking, platform blocking of wood, as to appear that there is more wood on the truck than is.
(10) They will make sure the law is on their side because YOU DO NOT do your homework and like them, you are willing to take the cheap way out while trying to save a BUCK.

These are just a few of the many things that you will have to look for. Aside from that, they will continually lie about wood, wood quality, use whatever means possible to make the sale, and all of the time counting on you not to be smart enough to be on your toes to catch on before it is too late. By then, they will be well down the road. 

For your protection, do make it clear that you want a written format of the business name, location and phone numbers so that you can verify the information. This should be a necessity on your party before entering into any form of contract, whether written or verbal. Choose and insist on a written one by Email. Then you should also request a written format of the cutting of the wood, the delivery of the wood, the guaranteed amount of the wood as agreed to, the type of wood you are dealing on, the size of the cuts, and what will be on the truck for quality and amounts. ABOVE ALL INSIST on a CONTRACT PRICE IN WRITING BY EMAIL CONTACT or FAX BEFORE AGREEING TO ANY TERMS. Remember, over the phone is not credible in court because it is an unidentifiable voice that you will be speaking to on a phone in this Province somewhere. And remember, if they contact you by phone, the number WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE TRACED for verification of any call ever taking place.

Once this is done, you will have the name, contact IP address and a record of contract to proceed legally if a fraud is committed in the process of the package being brought forward.The Police will ask for these things as will the BBB. If you choose not to, or want to just ignore any of this, just open the door and toss your money into the wind. Remember, it is you who has the right to say yes or no, and within the terms that YOU want to buy. He needs your money more than you need him so keep in mind he needs to sell more than you need to buy. With me, ALL of MY CUSTOMERS GET THIS before ANY TRANSACTION is agreed upon, and ANY DELIVERY IS TENDERED. It is called smart business on both ends and protection for all involved.


SEPTEMBER 14th/2013.
*******Another unsuspecting person screwed over by the worst of the SCAMMERS.
SO....who is ROB's FIREWOOD......GUESS WHO. Hello Arland Gave AGAIN!

From: Susan M [mailto:s------------@gmail.com]
Sent: September-14-13 6:00 PM
To: d2b@xcountry.tv
Subject: RE: I've been scammed

Hi Frank,

I’m pretty sure I’ve been scammed by this same guy.  We saw an ad on kijiji that was offering a good price for 20 foot hardwood logs.  When we inquired about purchasing wood, the seller said that because of the cost of running his truck, he would only deliver a minimum of 8 cord.  We didn’t need that much wood, so we shared the cost with another family.  When he arrived to deliver the wood, it was in a large dumper truck.  Once the wood was dumped out, we commented that it didn’t look like 8 cord, and the driver assured us that it was.  We had previously purchased wood in 8 foot lengths, but never in 20 foot lengths so we were unsure about what that much wood would look like and we believed what he told us (big mistake!).  Once we had the wood cut and stacked, it was barely more than 4 cord! 

We have called numerous times to try and speak to him about this.  We were told he was working in the woods and he would get back to us, but he doesn’t return our calls.  He has blocked my phone numbers.  I left messages explaining that I would report him and take him to court if he didn’t deliver the wood I paid for or return half my money.  I’ve called from several different phones, and he finally did call me back from a private number, yelling and being  rude to me on the phone about harassing his business and that he looked forward to going to court and it wouldn’t be small claims court, that he would be taking me to the Supreme court for harassment J  Imagine!

I’ve traced him to the Bisset Road address, which led me to your website.  It is clear to me that I was scammed by the same man as many of the other people who have stories on your website. I would say this man is about 50ish, kind of stocky, he was driving a large 18 wheel type truck that had a dumper filled with 20 foot logs.  He also had a small dog in the cab of his truck. 

I am pleased that you are trying to expose this guy, but also feeling discouraged about recovering my money, and we don’t have enough disposable income to easily absorb a $580 loss Why can’t all of us who have been scammed get together and go after him as a group?  If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  I will be reporting him to Kijiji, BBB, Google+, and our local police.  

Reverse Phone lookup provided an address for Rob’s Firewood at 341 Portland Street in Dartmouth.  
I also found another address and an ad on Google Plus at this link:  https://plus.google.com/102943211985308237344/posts

These are the two ads that I’m aware of that he has posted on kijiji: 

ROBS Hardwood Firewood ($225 for 165 cubic ft) + del 440-2860
Description: ROBS Hardwood Firewood ($225 for 165 cubic ft) + del 440-2860 image0

Date Listed
Halifax, NS, Canada
View map
UNBEATABLE PRICES AND QUANTITY OF WOOD !Our wood is selectively harvested and we bring in only hardwoods consisting of maple, beech, birch, and oak. When emailing “Please provide your Phone number

Description: ROBS HARDWOOD LONG LENGTH LOGS 440-2860 image0

Date Listed
Please contact
Halifax, NS, Canada
View map
8 CORD MINIMUM ORDER on our FIREWOOD,lumber or log tandem truck
Visits: 37
I hope this guy is held accountable for stealing from so many trusting people, but after reading about all the other scams on your website, I have to say I’m feeling discouraged about that.  I’ve certainly learned a lot from your website, and won’t be making the same mistakes again!  Thank you all your work to educate people. 
Susan ----------. 902-4------- (h) 902-44----- (c)

For your own protection before getting into this article, please go to Google and type in:  (KIJIJI FIREWOOD COMPLAINT FORUM) for a better and more accurate understanding of what is herein contained in this section.

Yesterday (December 09-2012) I was in Elmsdale picking up a tractor I bought. On the main road in from Rawdon Hills to about 10 miles past Elmsdale on Hwy# 277, I spotted and counted 19 of these signs that I could see. Now what would be on the secondary roads? This is just on ONE HIGHWAY. On the way back and finally getting home, I delivered a load of wood previously loaded the day before to MIDDLE SACKVILLE where I spotted another 7 signs on my way to Lakeview Avenue from exit #3 off of the 101 East bound exit and onto  Highway #1 toward Halifax/Dartmouth. 

Once I delivered, I asked the home-owner on these signs. His response was, 'that crooked bastard has them up all the way into Halifax and areas well beyond. I called the power company and complained and they said they couldn't send people out to remove signs even though it was illegal to advertise on their poles. He stung me and one of my neighbours last year with the garbage he sells as firewood. Someone needs to stop this  crooked person and the business names he uses. When you have an issue, he literally hangs up on you or tells you where to go.'

I did have a lengthy discussion about him and the tactics he uses, but I didn't learn anything new that I didn't already know about him and his working co-horts. Personally, I am familiar with this individual. He is WITHOUT a doubt the WORST of THE WORST. He does reside at Bissett Road in HRM and well hidden by his boarded in compound. For a better look, go to Google Maps, do the Street View from the satellite for the address 1324 or 1328 Bissett Road, HRM in N.S. and see what you are dealing with. Other addresses on the P.I.D search done by my lawyer were 2248 Cow Bay Road and also Dyke Road in cow Bay. Simply put, he really is a piece of work.

To further this, I have delivered about 50 loads of wood this summer to the Prospect Road, Peggy's Cove Area, Terrance Bay Area, Dover Area, Timberlea, Colby village, Eastern Passage, Cole's Harbour, Middle Sackville and surround areas including the city itself. Telephone and light poles are plastered with this Fraudulent person's crap.  If you note the one thing positive in all of the signs, there spells NO INFORMATION as to what the sign means. Sadly, I do know of about 30 people this summer that his tactics and methods have screwed over. And These are the ONLY ones who have contacted me. (more below)

He advertises and has advertised under many more names on Kijiji. Most of them are advertised without names and/or phone numbers. these will be done in a way for you to leave a message to contact them with a phone number and they will call (screw you) you back. This is the TRUE SCAMMER and CHEATER because he/they do not want anyone to know he lives at the boarded up compound on BISSETT ROAD. As for the phone numbers, presently he is using several new ones as well as the old ones. SIMPLY PUT......be darned careful or you too will get shafted if you haven't been already. 

And the truck was a Red and White Ford Sterling Series truck with dump body in the 1990's bracket. This truck delivered to Ms. L bearing a yellow commercial licence plate number 35-142-D. The truck officially is registered IN THE PROVINCE OF N.S. to ARLAND GAVE OF 2254 COW BAY ROAD. This is the same person plastering telephone and light poles with the placard listed directly below. It should read, 'I AM A CROOK AND I SELL GARBAGE WOOD. I WILL LIE LIKE HELL TO STEAL YOUR MONEY and SCAM YOU!'  We will be posting pictures of some of his trucks in another section. However, with the RENEWAL on Commercial Plates, be prepared to understand he will ask for new plates to again make a cold trail. 

****FAIR WARNING: If you see this sign in your neighbourhood, take it down. Save others the pain of getting burned by Arland Gave.**** This sign a customer had taken the picture of and sent it to me last year.

When you look at what he does and how he does it, there is no doubt he has it perfected. As a main number that is listed, do call it. Do ask the questions posted in this site. Do ask for a location as to where you can come and inspect the wood. Do make it clear you want it piled and will inspect the wood totally before any payments are made. Do clarify that you will have Measurement Canada verify the load delivered. Do make it clear that you want a specified time and make sure you set it well before dark. Do make it clear that you do not want any MIXED WOOD. Do make it clear that you will want your OWN delivery receipt signed by the delivery person as to the point that if there is a problem, you will allow the authorities to sort it out. Do make it clear that you want references and a proven track record of his name with the  Nova Scotia Firewood Registry, The BBB,  Measurement Canada out of HRM, The Registry of Joint Stocks of Nova Scotia, The RCMP and local Police in your area if so applicable. You will find many complaints registered with the BBB under some or the names he has used below. THEN, let's see how sincere he is. My money says you will hear a familiar click on the line, or a comment as 'Go F-@-#-% yourself. ' Been there and pulled that one myself, as did a few friends, only to have that result after three to five questions. Scammers DO NOT LIKE QUESTIONS ASKED. Remember, they NEED to control the conversation, much like telemarketers and if their game plan is changed, they will not want to talk to you and will insist on changing the topic or getting back to where it was. 

You have to realize people like this DO NOT want their game questioned. They count solely on you being ignorant, looking for a deal, and stupid while being all rolled up in greed to save a buck no matter what the cost to YOU. If you get burned, it was your fault because all of the warning signs are out there. Remember, these people advertise cords by many ways, sizes and prices on Kijiji. Funny tho, most of the ads when the View Address come up is found on Barrington Street. Funny tho, I can't remember when I have seen a wood operation down there. Do the search on the ads, check them out with proper questioning and see what you find. 

To further this, he and others have a revolving set of gimmicks they use on Kijiji. As one example, he is responsible for anywhere from about 30 to 60 ads at any given time under many names that aren't names, but just phone numbers with pictures used from all over Canada and the U.S. when advertising his products. He is forever calling other dealers down and giving countless pieces of advice also levied under 'NO NAME ADS' as if he and the other friends he has advertising under other ads as qualified. The simple facts and warnings are there. Look at the ads. Look at the phone numbers. Most are toss out cell numbers that are untraceable and cannot be attained no matter what. At the best of times, there will be numerous phones in play totally anywhere from 8 to 15 at one time. The cell phone people like this guy. And Kijiji loves him because of the top ads he buys. 

Speaking of Kijiji, go to their complaint forum by typing in (Kijiji Firewood Complaint Forum). Read them and take HEED. This is him at his best. Are all of these people wrong? I don't think so. My files are overfilled with complaints that people have sent me on their experiences from one of these signs, or by the conglomeration of unworthy ads he filters throughout Kijiji from Axe Handles for sale, to broken down machinery for sale that DOES NOT exist, to this and that, all designed to occupy the first several pages of Kijiji so that YOU SEE HIS ADS and no one else's  Does Kijiji care? NO! Will they protect you? NO! Will our GOOD N.D.P. - GOVERNMENT, or the OPPOSITION LIBERALS WANTING TO BE THE NEXT GOVERNMENT take steps to protect you? Again, NO! You are left to fend for your own. Trust me, I do have letters to them and no one wants to take these issues as serious. It is both SAD and TOO BAD for you, the consumer. 

Some of his previous names used (that are not legal and do check the files on the BBB on some of these of that he uses because they are there with warnings) and some new CON NAMES and fictitious names he uses are:

Excellent Firewood (friggin' joke)
Premium Firewood (bigger laugh)
Frank's Best Buy Firewood (my old name that he stole and registered)
Woody's Firewood (and associated ad-ons to the name)
Willie's Firewood
FFW Firewood
Discount Firewood Services
Firewood Ready to Burn
R & G Firewood
City Firewood
Sonny's Firewood
Woody Wood
Best Firewood Services
AG Firewood (as in Arland Gave)
AGF Firewood Services
Frank Firewood (no connection to me)
Frank's Firewood (no connection to me)
Frank Firewood Services (no connection to me)
Frank Best Firewood (no connection to me)
Beacon's Firewood, and the list goes on with other people using their own web IP's to help him, as well as the people who work for and are affiliated with him. This simple fact it, DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUYING FROM? This is just the tip of the iceberg and you really have no idea how much crooked stuff is happening UNTIL THE CON IS IN AND IT HAPPENS TO YOU, A FAMILY MEMBER or YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

Let it also be known that he is not the only one. There are other people posing as true blue woodsmen and as sellers out there with one thing in mind. Others are doing the same forms of ads from 8 foot firewood at different prices to corded loads. Remember that when the 8 foot cord loads are  cut, they are only 68% of a cord on average and should be paid for that way based on the 68% and not 100% of the load. If not, welcome to his world and the other ones who will be counting on you to be stupid, ignorant and not educated enough to protect yourself. Do go to the section on deliveries and costs, and seasoning of wood of this site to find out more info. (below is a piece that I took off of the Kijiji complaint forum) READ IT and understand what can happen when the BBB CANNOT find your man because of the lack of info and the LACK OF GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS TO THIS INDUSTRY. Sadly, this is the rotten apple in the barrel. 

***********I CANNOT DIVULGE WHO PLACED THE AD, BUT THE LADY HE SCREWED OVER ON WOOF FORWARDED ME THIS RESPONSE BY SOMEONE ELSE WHO KNOWS HIM. As for the X'd out phone number, we all know it was off of the yellow sign being 902-401-5198.

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Kijiji Reply (from concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca) <post@kijiji.ca> wrote:

Hello! The following is a reply to your "FIREWOOD SUPPLIER (MUST ABIDE BY FOLLOWING GUIDELINES)" Ad on Kijiji:

From: concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca

It sounds like you were an unfortunate customer of Arland (aka Don,...many other names & numbers) He lives at the bottom of Bisset Rd (Cow Bay in Dartmouth area) and would not share that with any customers...will not supply to his neighbours or post numbers in his area. His pager number posted on signs is (902) 458-5314 but his house number is (902)441-8268! You're welcome and I hope you get him and his mom! He's not even a regisitered buyer for wood products.!

You can respond to "concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca" by replying to this email.

By the way, the Fxxxx's Firewood below in this complaint is Frank's Firewood as above in blue.

Dear Frank Firewood;
Are you the same "Franks Firewood" that is referred to in this article"http://thelaker.ca/stories.asp?id=4511"?
In this report, the victims called 902-401-XXXX to purchase firewood from a Fxxxx's Firewood. When I checked this telephone number on the Better Business Bureau website it has 9 complaints registered against it as being used by XXX Firewood Services! In fact, they have posted an "ALERT" against this vendor.

According to the BBB website report on this telephone number, the BBB have been unable to resolve 9 complaints so far against this company because they can't locate this business to process the complaints....if you are this same company, as it is referred to by the news report in "The Laker" (http://thelaker.ca/stories.asp?id=4511), I strongly urge you to make contact with the BBB at 1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 805, Halifax, NS, B3J 3J8 Telephone Number: 902-422-6581. Together, I am sure you can work things out

Here's the reply I have from the BBB today, in relation to my complaint.

Complaint ID#: 26057
Business Name: Sxxxx's Firewood

Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau about your dispute. We have attempted to contact the company at the following address:

Xxxxx'x Firewood
Clam Harbour Road
Lake Charlotte, NS B0J 1Y0

We regret to inform you the mail we sent to the business was returned as UNDELIVERABLE or they are no longer in business.

If you can provide a current mailing address for the company we will be happy to try to assist you again. You can provide this information or view a summary of this case by clicking here.

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BBB Complaint Department


There are so many tricks and gimmicks it is difficult to know where to begin. These are in no PARTICULAR order. The most important lesson to be learned by the unsuspecting consumer is simple..... LEARN ALL ABOUT FIREWOOD and THE PERSON or BUSINESS YOU CAN BEFORE AGREEING TO BUY FROM ANYONE. The biggest problem here is the lack of Government Protection to insure people selling wood are both licensed, their trucks labelled and registered as a business in N.S.,  and above all, that they are credible and checked through Measurement Canada, The BBB and other organizations in Nova Scotia, as well as be listed with the Nova Scotia Firewood Registry.  To begin with, learning to be aware of the initial telephone contact is most important. What you have to do is learn how to control the conversation at all times. The second you allow the person on the other end, and the same applies to the computer contact, to make all of the rules and set the path of doing business as they want it, you have no recourse. To be safe, DO GO TO THE N.S. Firewood Registry. It lists all credible sellers.

(Trick #1) Scammers and Cheaters do not want to really be bothered with your calls. So, to be in control at ALL TIMES, they will request you to contact them by leaving your info on an answering machine or respond by the Internet on their ad, clearly telling or disclosing them your phone number, address and name. This could be any ONE of these or other modes not disclosed. No matter, their purpose is so that YOU CANNOT FIND THEM or learn WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Since this is 95 to 99% of the time; and if you are unfortunate enough to become part of the DEAL MAKING PROCESS by their terms, it is you who has driven the first nail in the Coffin of Scam. Remember, you will automatically put him/them in control. By doing this; they (Scammers and Cheaters do) will be using your ID info to screen calls at their other phone numbers that they use in the many different advertisement ads so that you never know who they are, but THEY ALWAYS know who you are and that they DO NOT make the mistake of responding to another inquiry unless it is by another voice or person. This will ALWAYS keep them in control. It also allows them the opportunity to use additional false receipts well in advance and different names as they perfect their CRAFT at your expense. Remember, many of these Scammers use as many as up to 12  UNTRACEABLE Phones, one or two IN ONLY LAND LINES that are unlisted on call back, and will pay the fees to have new numbers posted when the heat gets to be close or the questions begin to be too many.

(Trick #2) Scammers and cheaters like to sell wood by the use of compartment trucks, single axle dump trucks or tandem dump trucks, half ton trucks and whatever they can use to haul a product. These will not be lettered with any name. Remember this, MOST one Ton Trucks CANNOT LEGALLY scale the weight of a proper cord, let alone guarantee you more than one cord unless it is clearly marked by the manufacturer that it is a H.D. 3500 series or more (heavy duty) Unit. This is usually found on the truck door or fender. On the compartment units, remember that the more corners you have in a box and the smaller the compartment, the less volume you can occupy. This means that measuring the unit OUTSIDE will give you an INCORRECT MEASUREMENT for the volume inside. These will vary from 10 to as much as 20%. 

(Trick #3) Scammers and Cheaters WILL NEVER give you a correct count and will NEVER sell to you guaranteeing you all of the info you require by means of any record. In this case, be prepared to measure the wood when dumped before paying and do make this clear before buying or agreeing to any transaction if the Firewood Seller is not Registered with the Nova Scotia Firewood Registry under Access Nova Scotia. Also, a quick call to Measurement Canada can and will save you money when it comes to learning who they are. NO NAME - NO INFO. In this process, some Scammers will want to identify their product by the sale of BINS. Remember, if selling it this way, HE IS NOT BREAKING the LAW; stretching it by not selling by the cord or guaranteed loose volume cubes, but also SCAMMING you out of wood and any recourse that you may have whereas BINS are not considered in Canada as a LEGAL MEANS of selling firewood.

(Trick #4) Scammers and Cheaters have proven that they are PRONE to manually corner block, platform  file and cross pile wood on the front of the truck box to make the wood appear as more until it is dumped. Sadly, this is hard to prove until the wood is actually piled and you find the result as being short cordage. If you DID NOT PROTECT yourself with the info in this site, 9 times out of 10 you will HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE to RECOVER LOSSES. The only way to avoid this is to REQUEST the load to be hand piled on the truck so that you can both SEE and MEASURE the piled cordage before dumping. However, this is not 100% guaranteed if they are dumping the load because it can still be corner blocked, platform piled and cross piled. Remember, they are smart and count on you not being informed.

(Trick #5) Scammers and Cheaters WILL NOT WANT you to meet them with a tape measure in hand, a calculator and piece of paper. Measuring the INSIDE of the Truck box by the height and width will give you the amount of volume of the box by what the truck can hold. Remember, a loose loaded cord would cube at 168 Cubic Feet PER CORD to pile out at 128 Cubic Feet per cord is not tricks are on board. Example is, a truck compartment 8 feet wide by 5 feet high by 5 feet deep would be 200 cubic feet. Taking the differential of the smaller cornered area be less of 15%, this would equal roughly ONE LOOSE CORD. However, remember to be thorough. Should the driver, owner or delivery person object, DO POINT HIM IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ROAD.  You can find a delivery chart in section #5 on delivery truck box sizes. This truly will assist you. Never pass on this option because it is what they DO NOT COUNT ON HAPPENING on any delivery. Remember, it is your property and you DO HAVE THE RIGHT to ask. And remember, never pay before you are satisfied that what is supposed to be, is.

(Trick #6) Scammers and Cheaters will be very convincing that the wood they sell is all even cuts and solid Maple, Yellow Birch, Beech and/or Ash. BEWARE! I have seen this crap on Lakeview Avenue yesterday consisting of White Birch, Yellow and Green Skinned Poplar, some Black Poplar pawned off as Maple, some Ash and about 15 to 20% make up of Sugar Maple. Sadly, this was delivered in September last year and was well beyond seasoning and burning this year.These were cut from 10 inch cuts to 18 inch cuts being most in about the 12 to 14 inch range. As Rodney explained, the wood looked good on the top of the truck so I told him to dump it. The way it came off looked good. However, I never noticed what trash it was until my wife and I began to pile it. We called. He told me where to go and NEVER call him again.

(Trick #7) Scammers and Cheaters will HAND PILE the top of a load. This is called 'Top Padding' and will give the appearance of somewhat seasoned wood, and will 9 times out of 10 be good looking wood such as Maple or Yellow Birch. The easiest method of checking is to get up on the truck and dig a couple of holes in the wood to see what is inside.

(Trick #8) Scammers and Cheaters will advertise one or two types of firewood as a Maple or Hardwood Mix. REMEMBER THIS, 95% of the trees bearing leaves in this country are classified under the umbrella as HARDWOOD. Most of the loads you will agree to buy will be advertised as Maple Mix or something along those lines. As for some of the Scammers, sadly, they have used my website for their advantage and openly use my advertisements on Kijiji and Craig's list to perfect their skills by using my terminologies as used in my ads and on my site. But, to beat them at their own game, you must learn about wood, tricks and the stunts they will pull to avoid being caught. Beyond that, NEVER BUY ON THEIR TERMS. YOU set the rules and guidelines. If they refuse to sell to you this way, look at it that you just saved money and you avoided a scam in the making.

(Trick #9) Scammers and Cheaters will want to deliver as late in the day (preferably in the dusk or dark) so that a clear view of the wood cannot visibly be noted. NEVER RECEIVE wood by night, with the assistance of flash-lights or artificial light. These are primarily surprises hidden until the next morning.

(Trick #10) Scammers and Cheaters WILL WANT TO BE PAID before the wood is delivered. WHY is simple. Once you see it, they have your money and can give you the finger and leave. This is mainly because they are both ASHAMED of the crap they sell and THEY DO NOT want to take the chance of having to MANUALLY reload the junk back on the truck once you see what it is. Under no circumstances should you pay for ANY WOOD until it is delivered and you are satisfied. However, should they tender delivery as agreed and the amount of wood is what you agreed to buy and by how it was written down and agreed to, then by all means he does deserved to be paid.

(Trick #11) Scammers and Cheaters will count on you NOT KNOWING the difference from one type of wood to another. Learn what each type of wood looks like both wet and seasoned. It is to your advantage.

(Trick #12) Scammers and Cheaters will not want you taking down their names off of their license, the truck information as plate number, inspection number, showing the permit and insurance when asked and be clear that it is none of your business. THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION THAT YOU REQUEST THIS. If you don't, you most likely will kiss your money good-bye and relive him of the possibility of getting caught in the act. It is your only recourse if he should SCAM you, do damage on your property, be guilty of Conspiring to Defraud you out of money for misrepresented product.

(Trick #13) Scammers and Cheaters WILL NOT WANT to give you a written contract with all of the info on it that you request and require. THIS means both a paper trail that YOU HAVE, the BBB, Measurement Canada, Revenue Canada, The Police, The Registry of Joint Stocks and the Firewood Registry of Nova Scotia can benefit from in aiding to catch people as this.

(Trick #14) Scammers and Cheaters will advertise by many prices on their own product and put ads on AGAINST themselves to get your business. they will advertise one price at $199.00 and another one at $225.00. Once in your yard, they will be quick to change the price knowing once the wood is there you WILL NOT SENT IT AWAY.  YOU SHOULD. This clearly spells the point being he is not a person of his word nor is he legit.

(Trick #15) Scammers and Cheaters will offer you a DEAL. On the face of that deal it will be said to be good for only one or two days if delivery is tendered now. In many cases, this is about a rejected load, junk load or some trash he is looking to dump as line cut wood, wet and soggy wood, or a combination of many different woods including everything from twigs to the kitchen sink. REMEMBER this: Reputable businesses and people in this business do not offer deals and WILL GIVE YOU A GUARANTEE of delivery in writing beforehand. These is a message here. Use it. 

(Trick #16) Scammers and Cheaters will sell under one name and make receipts (worthless on paper) out under another name on the spot. when this is done, BEWARE. This is the SCAM happening in your presence. If you do not have this in writing beforehand, you are just as GUILTY and as CROOKED as them for going along with it. Ignorance does not work here. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and thwart the attempt by the Scammer to Cheat you.

(Trick #17) Scammers and Cheaters will try avoiding putting proper CORDAGE DELIVERED, The PROPER SPECIFIES TYPE OF WOOD and PROPER CUBIC FEET on ANY PROPER and LEGAL RECEIPT. Remember this, it is ONLY a proper receipt if it is a LEGAL BUSINESS NAME with verified information that the person IN or ON your yard is, who he says he is, and represents who and the business is. If any of these are not proper, do show him the road.

(Trick #18) Scammers and Cheaters will talk down the competition to pad their own Scam. REMEMBER.....NO NAME - NO PROPER BUSINESS. Arland does this regularly on Kijiji and other places. These are the Neanderthals making the business bad for all.

(Trick  #19)  Scammers and Cheaters will be willing to make you a deal on a left over load, part load or up-sell you more wood at a sacrifice price on a left over load because someone never had the money, this person wasn't home after several attempts to deliver and will do it all at a reduced rate with no slips involved. I have heard of one fellow who took a part load this summer, paid for the both loads up front because he wasn't going to be home, and as this morning, still has not been given the wood he paid for. Delivering part loads while agreeing to return with the balance is stupid. You pay and never see them again.

(Trick #20) Scammers and Cheaters will offer a sweet deal for an up front payment by Visa, M.C or some other payment form with the so called guarantee that the wood will be there in a few days. The true fact is, you will most likely get wood. the question is, HOW MUCH and WHAT WILL IT BE?

(Trick #21) Scammers and Cheaters will advertise a multitude of options and services from Free Kindling, Free Firewood if you buy my truck, Free this, Free that, Free delivery, but in the end, the price will go up and the Quality will go down. Please keep in mind that there are many more tricks than posted here.

The lessons are simple. First, know from who you are buying. If you cannot get the answers by phone, let it be a lesson there could be problems or issues you need to check further. Deals are deals for the Seller and NEVER THE BUYER. Remember, Scammers need to get their wood out and get it out quickly. Never RUSH when making that deal. Tell them up front you do want to check them out by whatever means necessary to make sure you are getting the MINE instead of the SHAFT. They don't want to offer you a service. They just want your money. Do check out the forums before making that deal. you could be saving yourself money. I was scammed years ago on firewood and my hatred for people doing it is at an all time high. You should be the same.

I am going to post a letter I was sent the other day. I was humoured by it, but clearly my site and ads have hit one of these people where it hurts the most by having consumers ask questions they do not want to answer. and no, nothing will be cut from the inbound letter and my response. Whether a Scammer,r Cheater or Proper Business in which WAS NOT CLARIFIED or EXPLAINED in the letter to me, I think the message to me was uncalled for and my response was a properly worded one. 

From: Kijiji Reply (from David) [mailto:post@kijiji.ca]
Sent: December-06-12 5:36 PM
To: d2b@xcountry.tv
Subject: Reply to your "My Firewood Yard is empty." Ad on Kijiji

Hello! The following is a reply to your "My Firewood Yard is empty." Ad on Kijiji:
From: David(daveseary@hotmail.ca)
Ok, we get it that your out of wood. STOP making it difficult for the rest of us please.

You can respond to "David(daveseary@hotmail.ca)" by replying to this email. 
Difficult? Thanks you for the 'please', but if you are a registered business, sell proper cordage, have and advertise a proper business name with proper phone number so that people can contact you, a proper location, know your product, do not have complaints with the BBB, the same with police on issues of short cording and issues as that by complaints or inquiries to or on file with Measurement Canada, and are Registered with the Registry of Joint Stocks as a proper and legal business, I should be the least of your problems. I have always found that TRUTH is the best friend when it comes to doing things correctly. Don’t you agree?

It is unfortunate that you think I am the bad guy here. Look around. What is important is for people to understand who they buy from, as well as learning about wood and what their legal options are when things do go wrong.

As for wood, I have several hundred cords, but do not choose to sell it in winter.


The balance of this section will be shifting to the other website also under construction. Sorry for any inconvenience.

PLEASE READ THE STORY by Mrs. Sands below the green and blue insert: It could save you money.
Please note: as requested, we have removed the proper name of the persons and Email address, and all contacts as asked. This is my policy and will remain my policy until enough people come forward in hopes of stopping this WELL KNOWN SCAMMER.
August 11th/2012.
This piece of work below written by Ms. L., is (Arland Gave) at what he does best clearly defined in my personal opinion as  the work of a Infantile Neanderthal at its worst. He has screwed yet another HRM person over. That is the fifth one who has contacted me this week from August 03/2012 up until this was printed. Better yet, I will be posting this couple's complete story along with pictures of the truck that delivered and the current plate number on the truck REGISTERED to ARLAND GAVE and selling and delivering under one of his fake names. I am not a miracle worker, but seriously, people you have to read my website if you want to keep from getting burned by this idiot. 

He operates under a new series of names almost weekly now, changing phone numbers from time to time and having others post ads for him through different connecting computer IP's and presently is operating 30 plus ads on Kijiji under over a dozen fictitious names and false addresses. Kijiji DOES NOT CARE. The Police is little HELP. The BBB has no power. As for Measurement Canada, their hands are somewhat tied, whereas this is a problem that must be dealt with on the local Provincial level. They can measure the loads delivered and give you a statement. But what good is that when you have nowhere to turn? The Crown Prosecutor cares less and the Province of NOVA SCOTIA NEEDS TO set regulations in place to protect YOU, the CONSUMER, from people like Arland Gave and what he does. On top of that, the Province needs to strictly ENFORCE REGULATIONS worse than the regulated gas and oil mess that we have until the scammers and part time wood associates are under control, and you the consumer are safely protected. 

The is a BBB report but presently it is unavailable. I am hoping to have it up and on here as soon as possible. Aside from that, I am hoping to have the full story from Ms. L and pictures in the week of the trash and amount he delivered. However, ordering two cords of wood and getting 1.06 cords as Measurement Canada measured clearly tells the story and shows the trash delivered to people while he continues to use WOOD PICTURES from other sites, advertising locals and ads all across Canada and the U.S. Trust me, the wood you see in these Kijiji ads is not his. Before buying from ANYONE, take a moment and do your homework. Find the location and see the wood at his place before making the deal. The request and trip could just keep this below from happening to you. 

There are many more names on Kijiji, but understand.....most of them are advertised without names or phone numbers and a message to contact them with a phone number and they will call (screw you) you back because he does not want anyone to know he lives at the boarded up compound on BISSETT ROAD. As for the phone numbers, presently he is using several new ones as well as the old ones. SIMPLY PUT......be darned careful or you too will get shafted if you haven't been already. 

And the truck was a Red and White Ford Sterling Series truck with dump body in the 1990's bracket. This truck delivered to Ms. L bearing a yellow commercial licence plate number 35-142-D. The truck officially is registered IN THE PROVINCE OF N.S. to ARLAND GAVE OF 2254 COW BAY ROAD. This is the same person plastering telephone and light poles with the placard listed directly below. It should read, 'I AM A CROOK AND I SELL GARBAGE WOOD. I will LIE LIKE HELL TO STEAL YOUR MONEY and SCAM YOU!' 

                                                      WITHOUT PREJUDICE

From: Mrs. L. B. Sands
Sent: August-15-12 1:23 PM
To: Frank Rhyno
Subject: Timeline

Hi Frank,

Here is my story. I attached all my documents for a complete source. As you know, I wish my name not be on the website but I hope this warns others and helps stop that Bastard :)
The last three attachments show his last ad under the "Woody" name ( a very poor ad that that) and the ads he placed to harass me.


August 2012
In April of this year my husband and I began looking for firewood to have for next winter. As first time buyers we had no reference, but knew of the local crook on Bissett Rd in Cow Bay, and to steer clear of him. He had a reputation as a crook long before the internet came along.
I frequently shop online, with EBay, Amazon, and most of all Kijiji. I have always done my homework on a seller as far as available info, previous ads, how many ads, spelling, and grammar, whatever I can use to determine if I want to deal with the seller. Never have I had an issue until this transaction.
I searched Kijiji for a few weeks, called a few sellers, watched the ads, searched BBB with some phone numbers I saw, and in May, I finally ordered 2 cord of cut split and delivered from “Woody Wood” in Jeddore@ 403-2219 for $440. I figured he was close to home and we like to buy local, I spoke with him twice before ordering, and BBB had no complaint on that number.
It came at dusk and was dumped off a closed sided red and white truck; he gave us a generic receipt for $440 for 2 bins full. What we saw in the morning was a pile of wet, assorted hardwood in various lengths, mixed with dirt, loose bark and sticks like it had been scraped off the bottom of a camp yard. We proceeded to pile it over the next few days, banging the dirt off each piece, and realized we were shorted.
I placed the first call to “Woody Wood” on May 26th. He was cordial and said it was the last delivery that day and he would contact the driver. We hoped it was an error and he would make good.
May 29th the second call. We were told the driver had the truck working in the woods and he would have him contact us.
June 3rd we sighted the truck on the #7 highway.
June 5th I called Erica Garnier of Measurement Canada and left a voice message.
June 11th we reached “Woody” again. He gave more apologies on the drivers’ behalf, and would get after him to call us.
June 14th I called Erica Garnier of Measurement Canada and left another voice message.
June 18th I spoke with Erica, she had no record of the name and number I was dealing with. I emailed her a copy of the receipt he gave us, and booked to have someone come and measure our wood.
June 26th Andy Faulkner arrived and measured our wood at 1.04 cords. He said we would get a letter with his findings “to do with what we will”.
We continued to call “Woody” a few more times until he started hanging up on us July 21st. After that the number was out of service and the last ad he had on Kijiji under that number was placed on June 15th. He disappeared.
On August 8th we saw the truck at a corner store. I took pictures and recorded the plate # 35-142-D
On August 9th I placed a Kijiji ad with the pictures and received many emails with lots of information on who I was really dealing with….the crook from Bissett Rd, Arland Gave.
He saw my Kijiji ad as well, and in retaliation placed false ads ( 10 of them) with my phone number and address so we would get harassing phone calls all hours of the day and night. I reported this to the RCMP on August 10th, 2012 who told me they could speak to him but these cases were almost impossible to prove. They didn’t seem eager to pursue the matter, and advised me to think about it and see if he persisted.
So, we could take him to small claims court at a cost of $91.47 to file, plus costs to have him served, and any other costs that pop up. I’m sure we would win, and the court would order him to pay us the costs. I am also sure he’s not the type to say "yes your Honour, here is the money". We would have to continue the fight and have Arland Gave a part of our life for more time than he deserves.
At the least, I would hope the BBB, Measurement Canada, and Kijiji will post real warnings, highly visible not buried in forums, with descriptions (such as plate #) and a link to Frank Rhyno’s website. Kijiji is allowing these false ads to be placed with bogus names and information, with the intention of scamming their users. They should somehow be accountable.
At this point, after paying $440 for 1.04 cord of wood the best I can do is give Arland Gave a paper cut with that letter from Measurement Canada.
Mr. & Mrs. Sands
*******This area will be for the pictures to be posted later.******
//////// And if you want to contact Ms. L direct, we just maybe able to make that possible.


Date Listed
Please contact
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1X8, Canada
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Read this website before buying wood from Kijiji. There is one seller posing as many!


The names and numbers in the picture change frequently but he is Arland Gave and still the same crook living on Bissett Road and operating out of a dozen different addresses not traceable because they are fake. 


PLEASE WATCH FOR THE YELLOW SIGNS and any other BEARING THIS KIND OF MESSAGE ABOUT WOOD FOR SALE. Do not be fooled by this fellow. Presently he has been removed from Kijiji. Full details on my home page.



JUNE 20/2012 UPDATE on letter received pertaining to a Con Scammer who the consumer became suspicious of. Please refer to section #5 of my other site : franksbestbuyfirewood.blogspot.com.
Consumer awareness has been merely touched on by the report on the CBC Interview I did on February 24th/2012, that aired on the CBC news that night. The Video info is below. To cover this properly, it would have taken 10 minutes or more. However, the two minute and 17 second clip will actually give you the idea of what can happen when you DO NOT purchase wood from proper and honest entrepreneurs. 
It will now be the plan for this section to investigate scamming complaints on stunts pulled, tricks and scams that have been perpetrated people, information on untruths posted to attract business by misleading info in ads, and other means. 

For the record, the CBC interview is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to people being scammed by some of the tricks that have been pulled over the years. I will be making an attempt to completely disclose all that I both am privy to, and know; through having a few pulled on me, as well as others thru correspondence and research. 

I would like to also let you know there is a 15 second commercial at the beginning. You can forward past it, however.....you are better off just watching it for less aggravation.

Click the link below to see. 
Click your browser back arrow to return here after viewing Video.

For Further info, please visit one of the links below or go to:



In the terminology of short cording, improper cording and trick cording, it is important to understand THAT NOT ALL SUPPLIERS ARE GUILTY OF THIS PROCEDURE.  Like anything in life, there are always the ones, the few, and the in-between people who CANNOT operate fairly, and will make it a point to stoop to whatever levels that fit their program to get the upper hand while getting the best deal for them in the long run. Sadly, it is you, the CONSUMER who inadvertently pays the price. You will find many of the tricks and stunts pulled below.

MAY/19/2012. Please note....the below section should not be classified as an update even though this is not the proper place for it. The call was interesting and a good question did result. However, the phone call I received last night from a gentlemen over wood he had delivered by, and through someone else, has given me reason to think and comment on this.

When ordering wood, be precise on what it is you want and what you expect when  it is delivered. Sadly, (and we will address this gentleman as Mr. Jones) when he ordered wood it was clearly established in the ad on Kijiji that the advertiser was advertising FIREWOOD. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS, the terminology 'FIREWOOD' is used loosely by many who advertise. In the sense of those ads, they DO NOT specify one kind or several types of wood when categorized as firewood.  When an advertiser advertises FIREWOOD, he IS NOT distinguishing any one type of wood. FIREWOOD used in ads, DO NOT emphasize HARDWOOD or clearly identify firewood as one distinguishable type of wood. In 9 times out of 10 it will be a combination or make up of several types of wood. Another thing to be aware on is anyone who is running one type of wood down over another. His lack of experience in telling the truth and dealing in and with quality will leave you holding the short end of the log for more reasons than one.

For your protection, you must CLEARLY IDENTIFY the type of wood you want by defining it to HARDWOOD and hardwood by name such as Maple, Yellow Birch, Black Poplar or other types. In doing so, it is IN YOUR BEST INTEREST to make sure you do not order FIREWOOD as it is commonly known, WITHOUT BEING CLEAR on just what type of hardwood or firewood that you want. Remember, it must be up to you to ASK FOR and ORDER the correct wood and by using the CORRECT terminology in getting that point across. If you don't, and the wood shows up and is defined as FIREWOOD, the seller is really not doing you wrong unless he is intentionally misleading you. Firewood can be classified as a mixture of several types of wood including SOFTWOOD as Mr. Jones ended up getting. Remember, mixed wood has different kindling temperatures and will create an unbalanced one sided burn that will cost you more money in the long run due to the amount of poor wood that is usually associated with FIREWOOD and MIXED WOOD. Buy one type of wood and burn only that type of wood. Why is simple! You might pay more, but in the long run it will actually work out to a long term saving of anywhere from 15 to 25% cheaper over the burn rate for a 12 month year.

To begin with, I will clearly start with terms you NEED TO KNOW and LEARN (such as seasoned wood, mixed wood, winter firewood, winter hardwood, firewood used in general terms and most of all, WINTER CUT HARDWOOD) before and when negotiating on purchasing wood. REMEMBER the one MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS before anything:
                                              WOOD BUYERS BEWARE:

I say this because SCAMMERS are counting on you NOT KNOWING the difference on what a cord is based on what it is that you ask for or what kind of wood you speak of. First, before even discussing wood with anyone, learn CUBIC FOOT measure so that you know what you are talking about when the terminology of CORD comes up in the conversation. Learn the talk before speaking. With that first hint of falsehood, WALK QUICKLY! This is the first sign that you are being primed to be had. You must look at this as you being the 'Newly Born Babe' in the woods and the one that is susceptible to those out there skilled in scamming and misleading people to get what they want in the end without being part of a proper commitment. That is - YOUR MONEY!

(1) Never negotiate or purchase wood from anyone advertising anywhere who does not have a proper business name registered with the Province of Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies. If they are registered, make sure there is a proper address including postal code, street or lot address, accompanying phone number, and most of all, a proper name for the person you are speaking with. Another piece of protection for you is to find out whether or not they belong to the NOVA SCOTIA REGISTRY of FIREWOOD VENDORS. PLEASE CHECK SERVICE NOVA SCOTIA FOR THE UPDATED and CURRENT LIST. Anyone who is an accredited business, and/or supplier, will HAVE NO OBJECTIONS on sharing this information. REMEMBER, if they don't, you DO NOT have a leg to stand on when things go wrong. Police, the B.B.B., Measurement Canada, and if necessary, the courts will DO NOTHING if you do not get correct information. Best Suggestion, WALK and Wood Buying PERSON's Beware.

(2) For your protection, upon receiving the name of the business and person you are speaking to, make it perfectly clear that before you do the order, you will contact the N.S. Better Business Bureau, N.S. Registry of Firewood Vendors and Measurement Canada (please refer to www.novascotiafirewood.ca) for follow up confirmation on their status. I do suggest if there IS NO STATUS available, and you cannot find anything else, please Email me and one of us will obtain the info for you.

(3) When speaking CORDAGE and WOOD in GENERAL that is cut and split, be very clear on what it is that you want. It is important to remember that Scammers Count on you not being aware of their tactics. As once was told to me by my grandfather, 'once the apple is bad, there is no way to save it.' A lesson to be learned on Scammers, or Short Corders, is to clearly understand the concept of CUBIC FOOT MEASUREMENT. If not, you will be a victim because you will not know what you will actually be receiving. Please refer to SECTION #6 for more clarification on Cubic Foot measurement and cording. If you fail to understand it, do not hesitate to contact me or Measurement Canada. If you are looking for a cord, understand that a single cord is one of the easiest manners in which to be scammed. The best manner to purchase is in two cord increments or measurement. So, simply put, YOU NEED to ask for a CUT, SPLIT and LOOSE LOADED CORDAGE at 165 to 168 cubic foot measurement per cord to be able to properly pile out to a 128 Cubic Foot Standard Cut Cord of wood. If two cords, this figure is multiplied by two. It is important to understand that if you speak in terms of a Ground Laying Standard Cord of 4 foot by 4 foot by 8 foot of unprocessed wood, you will only receive about 68 to 70% of an actual cut and split piled out cord. (PLEASE CHECK OUT THE CBC NEWS STORY LOCATED ON A COUPLE OF THE SECTIONS) ANY UNPROCESSED wood will ALWAYS CUBE out at about 68 to 70% less than what is yet to be cut due to air pocketing in the load. Having said that, if you negotiate on two cords of unprocessed wood that has yet to be cut, you will only receive 1.37 to 1.42 cords of actual wood when piled for these two cords. Short cording makes your firewood VERY EXPENSIVE and if you fail to CLEARLY ESTABLISH this point when ordering, it is your mistake and any SCAMMER will quickly jump on the wagon of success. THEY COUNT ON IT.

(4) If there is any doubt in your mind as to the size of the truck or unit as to what it can hold, grab a measuring tape and a calculator. Length by Width by Depth or Height will give proper loose cord measurement If THE WOOD IS LOOSE TOSSED. Again, scammers will not count on you knowing this. Also, take the license plate number of the truck and the wind-shield sticker number on the truck, whereas this is a means of getting to the bottom of who you are buying from. On your property, you have the right to ask for this, as well as the driver's license, insurance and truck permit.

(5) Never accept night time deliveries unless there is lots of yard lighting and it is from a seller that you know and have trust in. You virtually have no idea who you are dealing with and how much wood is, or isn't, in or on the unit. Worse than that, there is no accurate way of determining what you are getting until morning. Scammers count on doing things on their terms and NOT YOURS.

(6) As in the Video link to CBC, it is important to remember that these are just a few of the things that can be done within a load of wood. I have known of instances where floor plat-forming of as much as 4 to 6 feet of a truck box would have wood piled between one and two feet high by cross and block piling. This creates a false volume and saves a scammer wood by filling the space with 25 to 35% of air pockets.There is no way to be sure of this until you pile the wood. However, I always suggest to people to watch the unloading procedures very carefully. If you have doubts, call Measurement Canada for a measurement and make it clear that you want this piled before payment is tendered. NEVER PAY FOR ANY WOOD UNTIL IT IS ON THE GROUND AND IT IS ESTABLISHED THAT IT IS WHAT YOU NEGOTIATED AS THE PACKAGE.

(7) NEVER SIGN any form of paperwork in reference to words stated on paper as, 'load, delivered load or anything' that would release the seller or delivery person from any responsibility. If you do, you will have no one to turn to.

(8) Scammers will offer may deals and cut rite prices to gain your business. For your protection, if you are considering making a deal that sounds just right and perfect for you, exercise your rights as explained in #2 above. The best is to buy from accredited businesses, or persons you have a previous re-pore with. Anything too good to be true - isn't.

(9) Never pay for wood before it is dumped. However, never withhold money if the seller has complied with the terms negotiated. Always remember this, you contacted them. If the terms are met, he does deserve to be paid. Also, never buy from ANYONE not willing to place the PACKAGE or TERMS IN WRITING BEFOREHAND thru the INTERNET or FAX and to be followed up on and confirmed by phone conversations. By all means, make sure the seller knows his wood and what he is talking about.

(10) You should never buy STAGGERED CUT wood. If you do.....you loose because of the differentials in sizes and cutting procedures. 

(11) Anyone delivering in a truck with two or three compartments is one you should be very aware of. It is important to remember that the more obstructions (compartments and dividers) you have, the easier it is for you to be scammed. Any unit with 4 corners is acceptable if the floor and walls are open without obstruction. This makes cubic measurement easy and accurate. However, when you add compartments and dividers, you add more corners. These corners do take away precious space as it also cuts down the length of the overall truck box or trailer unit. This, therefore  will create more chances for short cording through these obstructions as they cut down on the actual cubic measurement. MANY WHO DO THIS, HAVE THESE TYPES OF SET-UPS WILL ADVERTISE THE WOOD AS 100 CUBIC FEET OR SOMETHING OF THAT NATURE. (The same also applies when buying wood on pallets, framed in pallets, wire or plastic bins, and other devices. Advertising wood as so many cubic feet LESS THAN A CORD to begin with clearly gives you no protection because they are telling you UP FRONT that you are buying what they are selling and on their terms.) Remember, they are doing nothing wrong if they are advertising this way. However, if they are saying it is cord measurement and it clearly is not, the picture is then totally different. It is the same scenario as someone offering a half ton truck load of wood for $100.00. You are buying on their terms what they are offering by means of the DEAL they are clearly putting into the works.)

On the issue of compartments or dividers that house multiples of wood on one truck or trailer, they are clearly cubes that are supposedly designed for levers or handles to be pulled, pins to be pulled or otherwise, CLEARLY BEWARE. If they are designed and measured at one and two cord compartments and used in the proper way, the differentials are small. However, used in the manner of a scammer, they can pull a large percentage of your wood away due to air pocketing and cornering. Remember this, one cord increments or less is the easiest manner in which to be scammed because of the method. Sadly, when piling less of a cord, there is no way to gauge anything because the package is and was tendered on the sellers terms. 

(12) Avoid Spring, Summer and Fall cut wood. IT IS GREEN and WET. The best way to avoid this is by buying Winter Cut Wood. This is very easy to tell when delivered. Take a piece and split it before it is delivered in your yard off of the truck. If it is Winter Cut Wood, there will be very little moisture between the rings and under the bark. Scammers will not count on you wanting to do this and will usually have them leaving as quickly as they arrived.

(13) Avoid the ads and people saying and selling 'SEASONED WOOD.' Nine times out of ten a Scammer will top the load with some dry wood and do the same in the rear of the load to give that seasoned appearance.

(14) When difficulties arise in making contact with an advertiser of Firewood For Sale, this is an indication that you will have bigger problems if something goes wrong. Keep this in mind, if you are having difficulties in making contact in the beginning, it will only get worse when issues become 'After The Fact Problems.' Never give your information to him with the idea he will contact you by phone. When you do, you are giving him the opportunity to investigate you in his own way, look up info, place of residence, operate on his terms and more. It is essential that you contact him and he give you all of the info you require. If this is not done, you should be more in tune to what you are doing and how you are going about it.  He and what he represents owes you the respect you deserve by wanting to trust him. If that is not there in sharing information, be VERY AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING.

In summarizing all of the above, PROTECT YOURSELF at all times and be VERY AWARE of the multiples of ADS on Kijiji and other info sites. To add to this, I personally find many of the advertisement avenues out there are out of control. Sadly, this means that very little PROTECTION IS OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC DUE TO THE FORMS OF ADVERTISING AVAILABLE THRU SEVERAL OF THE SCAMMERS CONTINUALLY OCCUPYING THE SPACES WITH DAILY AND COPIED ADS. MY ADVICE IS SIMPLE:


Topics :
Fraud Prevention Month and HRM Partners

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to scams.

March is Fraud Prevention Month and HRM Partners in Policing want to educate citizens about fraud-related issues, including scams. Learning about the most common scams affecting our community will help you become scam savvy and possibly prevent you from being defrauded. Following are the most common scams that HRM Partners in Policing have seen in recent years:

Firewood Scam: This scam involves citizens receiving much less firewood than what they paid for at the outset. In the majority of these cases, the victim orders the firewood over the phone from a number obtained from a roadside sign or on-line from any number of popular websites that allow people to advertise their goods and services. To prevent this or a similar situation from happening to you:
always deal with reputable companies.
be at home for product delivery.
verify with the delivery driver that the information on the receipt is correct, including company name, address and phone number.
ask the driver for identification and write down the information.
write down the make, model and license plate number of the delivery vehicle.
report suspicious activity to police.

Chimney Sweep Scam: This situation involves a group of people claiming to be professional chimney sweeps going door-to-door offering to clean/repair chimneys. After these individuals “inspect” the chimney, they advise the homeowner that major work is required. After agreeing to have the repairs done, the homeowner is presented with an excessive bill for work which was either minimal in nature or incomplete. The validity of the group’s qualifications is also questionable. Regardless of the type of work being done, you should:
verify the authenticity of the company through the Better Business Bureau.
insist on a detailed quote of the work required demand an itemized bill of the work performed.
ensure the receipt includes the company name, address and phone number.
only pay by cash if you’re absolutely certain the business is legitimate

For more information on Fraud Prevention month, visit http://www.halifax.ca/police/FraudAwarenessMonth.html.

Current working email addresses:

d2b@xcountry.tv  or frankrhynosvalleyfirewood@xcountry.tv


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